Thursday, January 3, 2013

F or O run? - Run or Not to Run?

Run or not to Run?
F or O run?

...'don' have jacket, i left my bonnet, no long sleeves shirt, no running pants and the weather outside now is 23-24° C - cold at 5:50 pm and keeps on or not to run?

Day 6 of 21K Plan
F - Figure 9K Run at Umm Suqqueim 3,
Dubai, UAE.

OK ....I WILL RUN! but not on F, I will run in O  at Safa Park, Dubai.
     Safa Park are more dense, more trees which can give heat.
     I cannot run F...I forgot my map (dont know where to turn to...).
     Running F in daytime is easier (residential area) than at night.

Final Todays Run:
Day 6 of 21K Plan
O - Figure 10.5 K Run (3 loops) at Safa Park,
Dubai, UAE.

During my run...Gary Goquil of FRU (Filipino Runners UAE) passes by.(nice meeting you again Gary)...

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