Thursday, September 19, 2013


"beating my last year PB for 1 minute is an achievement for  me"-©fullcircle

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SWIMMING - Cross Training

Cross Training - Swimming
Egyptian Club, Dubai, UAE
04 September 2013

I envy them...
Need to join them by next month!
Beyya, Jlyn & Darwin of FRU

Do you think...I need SPEED?

Day 9-14 REST of FullCircle's Run42/3

SPEED at my age? this is my question.
For me to finish a race is a big YES.

I thought a long run is enough for my training, a series of mid distance
and a 1 long run in a week equals TRAINING. No...not enough. you need speed.

After my Day 8 of HIIT SPEED TRAINING (High Intensity Interval Training)
[ sprint for 100m, walk for 500m x12 reps] body needs a total rest. It's true that after HIIT training
your body is still burning calories for 48 hours.

Rested for 3 days for running..but doing my daily core exercises.

This week running schedule I inserted  two HIIT activity for my speed.
We will see the result by couple of weeks.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 2 Running Schedule Aug.30 - Sept. 05

Day 8 of FullCircle's Run42 "WOW Speed Running" 30 August 2013

Friday Looong Run & Speed Running. 

But last night I was busy writing down
all lefts & rights of my run today.

I supposed to trace a word WOW with thedistance of 15-16K in satwa-jumeirah area.

Again...need to prioritize our group friday activity..
which is also good for my training "Speed Run".
Thanks Sir Arisher.
Below is my FRU Friday Training story. 

Day 7 of FullCircle's Run42/3 "COMPROMISED"

I mean,most of the time.
Running training schedule is compromised
if your loved ones request for somethhing.

No Run on my Day 7.
I was supposed to run at least 7k to 12K but instead
I end up drinking coffee with my wifey at Tim Horton'sDCC.

Day 6 of FullCircle's Run42/3

DONE! 6K Running at Al Manara Area, Dubai,
28 August 2013
I started to run at 445pm at sheik zayed road, al manara area.38° to 39°C hot....,
One thing I love on street running is when the motorists (driver)is honking and waving + thumbs up sign at you,
some of them shouting "go,go,go... ","just do it" and "see you on the race".
Most of them are amazed, or I should call it envy you...
coz we are having time to RUN, a time for our self.

Day 5 of FullCircle's Run42/3

"RUNNING PARK + METRO" FRU Tuesday Training Activity27 August 2013 

I was supposed to run 10K tonight (my training schedule) since FRU trainer (mr. arisher) is I need tolead the group on tonight's training activity. 

 17 runners attended the training (mixed beginner and advance)
I just follow the training menu for tonight by arisher....
and they're they go.

 ..after few minutes...some of the runners completed 2K,  most of them completed 4K + uphill run.   Big thanks to all runners who listen to my instructions before and after run... (sorry...i think need to polish my skill as a trainer).  
 For my run today...I just ran 2K (8K distance to be add up to my future run...sorry for me!)

 Keep on running!

Day 4 of FullCircle's Run42/3

8 Runners / 3 Metro Stations / 26 August 2013

(8K RUN from Business Bay to Burj Khalifa to Financial Metro Station - 1 loop) 

Day 2 of FullCircle's Run42/3

Running for me is an expression.I can run everywhere but it is classy if you run with style...I mean run with concept.

And today's concept is..."RUN from MALL to MALL"

I was supposed to have a Rest today...but since I just ran 7K yesterday...need to run 4K otherwise it will be added to my future runs. I just post a late notice on FB if someone willjoin me...and I have shernan , anna & annie (my wife). 

We started to run at Etihad Mall at 730pm towards to Arabian Center Mall at Mizhar Area and to complete our 6K run, we circle mizhar residentialarea towards starting point.

Day 1 of FullCircle's Run42/3

My 1st Day of training is a Long Run 11K.Since Friday is a family day (here in Dubai,UAE), I skip on our group training and plan to run near to our place and attend church activity after...but most of us (kids & wife) are still on bed at 7am.

I grab my running shoes and straight ahead to DFC and started my 1st Day of training at 9:00am on a 39-42°C Hot Summer.I tryto finish 11K but I can feel the heat of concrete road when reaching 6K.

 Done 7k...and remaining 4K will be 2moro.

RUN42/3 (my 3rd attempt) August 2013

After 30 Days of running (180kms) last month during Runmadan Challenge.I try to fit my running activity on our group training...but all of us have a different level of training requirements which I feel I am not yet prepared for group training.(...hey doesn't mean that I don't want to run with them - I will try to join Tuesday & Friday Training)

RUN42/3 is my 3rd attempt to finish this f***ng training.I pledge to finish this religiously and wether I will run a full marathon or not...I will finish this training. 

FRU Training with Ismail at Zabeel Park 21 August 2013

FRU Friday Looong Run 16 August 2013

FRU Training with David Sappa at Zabeel Park 13 August 2013

PRE RUN "METRO Challenge" 10 August 2013

PRE RUN "The METRO Challenge"

After 2 days of rest from Runmadan body needs some action.

I posted on Facebook a running invitation today but until 715 pm nobody showed up.
Tonight's  run is to survey the running route for my next event "The METRO Challenge".

From Jaffiliya to Karama to Burjuman Metro Station  is 5.50K run.

I am running with my new shoes...Reebok.

DAY 30 - The FINAL RUN at JUMEIRAH 1 Area "RUNmadan Challenge 2013

DAY 29 - JUMEIRAH 2 Area "RUNmadan Challenge 2013

DAY 28 - JUMEIRAH 3 Area "RUNmadan Challenge 2013

DAY 27 - UMM SUQUEIM Area "RUNmadan Challenge 2013

DAY 26 - AL RASHIDIYA 2 Area "RUNmadan Challenge 2013