Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 5 of FullCircle's Run42/3

"RUNNING PARK + METRO" FRU Tuesday Training Activity27 August 2013 

I was supposed to run 10K tonight (my training schedule) since FRU trainer (mr. arisher) is I need tolead the group on tonight's training activity. 

 17 runners attended the training (mixed beginner and advance)
I just follow the training menu for tonight by arisher....
and they're they go.

 ..after few minutes...some of the runners completed 2K,  most of them completed 4K + uphill run.   Big thanks to all runners who listen to my instructions before and after run... (sorry...i think need to polish my skill as a trainer).  
 For my run today...I just ran 2K (8K distance to be add up to my future run...sorry for me!)

 Keep on running!

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