Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dubai Marathon 2013


This is My Family
Dubai Marathon 2013
We ran 10K & 3K
25 January 2013

Looking back 6 months ago, my only objective is to run & have fun on
Dubai Marathon 3K Run...that time I was struggling with myself...whether
I can achieve it or not...

Last Friday..., not only me but my whole family ran during Dubai Marathon 2013.

"everything is achievable if you have patience and dedication".-©fullcircle (10K Finisher)





RUN360RUN a Running Inspirational Video

"I run bold, only myself & my camera..."
-©fullcircle - running vr photographer

Inspirational Running Video by Tamberkz2013

Video was taken last 24 January 2012 at Zabeel Park, Dubai with my daughter Beatriz.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dubai Meeeettttttrrrooooo!

More stations to Run in future.

As I almost finished my Dubai Metro Run -Green & Red Line (Dubai Metro Run)...

RTA Dubai is set for massive expansion on future years and to be completed by year 2030.They will add 3 Metro Lines (Blue,Gold & Purple) plus Jumeirah Tram.
Source: Dubai Metro on expansion track

Tommorow Run Schedule:
Etisalat Station to Union Station - 1 Loop - 21K Run (inshaala!)

Figure of L- 7.8K Run at Safa 2 & Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Figure of L - 7.8K Run
Safa 2 & Jumeirah 3, Dubai , UAE
16 January 2013

Freezing Run at Safa 2 & Jumeirah 3. Figure of L Run.
Nikon D40x, 10mm Sigma Fisheye Lens.

Friday, January 11, 2013


 Yesterday my daughter sofia gave ma a neon shoe lace for my running shoes.
(from NewYorker Store at Dubai Mall- 3pcs. for 9aed only)

And then I remember six months ago I almost change my shoes
for new one...( stories here: shoes Ginoo Part 1).

For me, a  wrong selection of running shoes is a major factor for having
an injury. Either you know your feet structure - you must step on
feet analyzer before buying a new pair.
(visit Saucony Dubai Mall - thay can analyze you feet structure for free).

Did you know that? The life span of running shoes ia approx.
500-800 kms (300-500 miles) distance run.

6K Easy Run at DFC (no.2)

As part of my 21 K training, I just finished my 6K run at Dubai Festival City.
Weather is cold, cloudy & windy - high tide.

This is my GYM - DFC Dubai Festival City. 11 Jan 2013

My Running Buddy (Adizero Adidas Running Shoes).with new neon green laces - thanks to my daughter Sofia.
Photo was taken Bea at Sharjah, UAE before her volleyball practice. 11 January 2013
Nikon D40X / Sigma 10mm Fisheye Lens

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Figure of U- 11K Run at Umm Suqeim Dubai

Figure of U - 11K Run
Umm Suqueim 3, Dubai, UAE
09 January 2013

09 January 2013. Jumeirah Beach Road cor. 37A St., Dubai.
Before  I run, I just set my camera on auto shutter at 10 sec. using sigma 10mm fisheye lens

Tracing my name on DUBAI STREETS!

Figure of U - 11K Run
Umm Suqueim 3, Dubai, UAE
09 January 2013
Creative Running...this is what I called to my runs and one of this
is Alphabet Runs. This is a series of runs tracing alphabet letters
from A to Z (not in chronological order) on Dubai Streets.I created
a Map on which you can follow running route of a letter.

This is fun. Every run is unique, you will run in different roads,
pavements, sand, grass, rocks and sometimes you have to cross shopping
mall to complete you run.

Run now! Road is  open 24/'s free!

"Dubai Streets is my GYM" -©fullcircle

Monday, January 7, 2013

Figure of F - Run (Tracing my F at Suqueim 3 Dubai)

Figure of F - 9K Run
Umm Suqueim 3, Dubai, UAE
07 January 2013

This is my 3rd Alphabet Run....
I just finished Figure of G, O and F,
and I will run my name within 2 weeks.
Try...It's fun and not boring.

During my run:
Illegal Parking, dark streets, workers, kabayan,
fast cars, contractors, new villas, clinic,
joggers, walkers, jogging lane, traffic jam,
cat, doctor, mosque, locals, kabayan, tourists,
dogs, metro commuters

Most of the time when I run...I always bring
a small DSLR (Nikon D40X) plus Sigma 4.5mm Fisheye
packed on my running waist bag and ready to shoot
360° photos. During Long Runs I will carry my Nikon Point
& Shoot Camera to take a snap & 360x120 VR Photo.

But mistake I took the wrong lens, instead of
4.5mm Fisheye lens, I grab my 10mm.But anyways I have to document
my run...

I set my camera on 10sec. auto shutter and
stand infront of it...and I have a decent photo. 

Camera: Nikon D40x
Lens: Sigma 10mm Fisheye
Aperture: f4.0
PP: Cropped in PScs6

Sunday, January 6, 2013

RUN with me on F

Day 10 of 21K Plan
F - Figure 9K Run at Umm Suqqueim 3 &
Al Sufouh, Dubai, UAE.

Previously to run on F is difficult besides the weather is cold and
I left my winter running gear...the main reason is I don't have my
running map.

After my 2 is important to have a running map specially
tracing letter thru run on a dense city streets like Dubai.
Reviewing the location thru Google Earth is not must
drive onto the street to confirm the streets are existing.

Doing this preparation gives me excitement and thrill.
Which street to run...? Do I need to run across shopping mall...just to complete
my letter, all of this stuff is fun.

Just try to run your name.
I hope your name is shorter than mine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

F or O run? - Run or Not to Run?

Run or not to Run?
F or O run?

...'don' have jacket, i left my bonnet, no long sleeves shirt, no running pants and the weather outside now is 23-24° C - cold at 5:50 pm and keeps on or not to run?

Day 6 of 21K Plan
F - Figure 9K Run at Umm Suqqueim 3,
Dubai, UAE.

OK ....I WILL RUN! but not on F, I will run in O  at Safa Park, Dubai.
     Safa Park are more dense, more trees which can give heat.
     I cannot run F...I forgot my map (dont know where to turn to...).
     Running F in daytime is easier (residential area) than at night.

Final Todays Run:
Day 6 of 21K Plan
O - Figure 10.5 K Run (3 loops) at Safa Park,
Dubai, UAE.

During my run...Gary Goquil of FRU (Filipino Runners UAE) passes by.(nice meeting you again Gary)...