Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 7 Week 1 of 10K Plan "RUN E11"

Day 7 Week 1 of 10K Plan
6.3K Run at Sheik Zayed Road.
September 26, 2012 Wednesday

I started to run at Union Coop. at 308 Rd. at 7:25 pm.
with my camera waist bag... I plan to take VR while running.

Fairmont Dubai - 3rd VR Image
3.6K from point of origin.

SHK.ZAYED ROAD Fairmont Dubai in Dubai

RUN 6.3K at Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai in Dubai

Day 8 Week 2 of 10K Plan

Day 8 Week 2 just finished my 2.4 Easy Run at Nahda, Dubai
28 Sept 2012 Friday

Stamina improving:
Run Jog Run
3 times Shoe lace untied

Run at 8:30am

Skip yesterday training 'coz of 

work overtime at Dubai World Trade Center.
Tired, cannot run anymore.

To Cross train tonight with my son
and daughter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RUNNING for real...or just my fantasy?

With 1 day rest for my training...
really I miss running, but this is
the what they say
I have to follow the schedule.

Sometimes....after reading running
magazine I always imagine myself
finishing full marathon, running
on desert, competing ultra marathon
race....then suddenly I will come
back to my real world that...all I
need is to run and to keep fit...
to add life to my days or add days
to my life.

You know...I am worried that...until
what age I will run,maybe tomorrow
I will stop and go back to my old
lifestyle (eating,sleeping and eating).

I always play dirty tricks to myself...
since I ran this distance today...
then I keep on telling myself that
I can run fast next time, I can go
more distance, I can join more marathons
next year. I'm on my mid 40's now and I just
started to keep fit, to run...
and in reality I feel body pains after
run, almost every after my run sacrifices begins.

But on the other side of this
imagination & sacrifices...few things are
for real is... I lost weight, no hypertension,
lowered my uric acid & cholesterol level,
I can wear my old shirts....the fact is
2.5 months ago my weight is 82.1 Kls,
today I weigh 70 kls.

In a couple of hours... I will run
7 Shk. Zayed Road, Dubai as
my training schedule.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 4 Wk 1 of 10K Plan

Day 4 Wk 1 of 10K Plan
2.4K 15:00 " Tempo Run "

I feel this run. 
Tempo Run.

Doing it in my own pace.
1 min. run
3 min. 5K pace
1 min. jogging
at 3 repetition to finish 2.4K.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DREADED ALARM CLOCK! changes my life style...?!

Kriiing! Kriiing! Kriiing!

after 5 minutes
Kriiing! Kriiing! Kriiing!

again after 5 minutes
Groowlll! Groowlll! Groowlll!

OMG! it's 6 o'clock...
This was my every morning rituals...

My friend (budo) said..."it's good
to run in morning so that you can
burn stored fats...."

Since 3 days ago, I changed my morning

4:00 am - wake up
4:30 am - run
5:30 am - house, a bit rest
6:00 am - breakfast
7:00 am - kids for school bus
7:30 am - bath
7:45 am - to office
8:30 am - work

but in reality.....

4:00 am - wake up
4:30 am - run
5:30 am - house, a bit rest
6:00 am - breakfast

6:00 am - wake up
6:30 am - run

7:15 am - bath
7:00 am - kids for school bus
7:30 am - bath
7:45 am - to office
8:00 am - to office
8:30 am - work
9:00 am - breakfast at office
9:30 am - work

since...I started to run, I've been
adjusting almost everything...
my food, my clothes, books & magazines,
store to visit, blogs to read, blog to follow,
blog to write and my morning schedule...

Is this what they say...
"changing my lifestyle...?"

Day 3 Wk 1 of 10K Plan

Day 3 Wk 1 of 10K Plan
" finished 2.2K run "

This is my first time to run,
2 days in a row... still I have a hip
pain (right hip) maybe b'coz of
yesterday run or my previous marathon.

And also a bit of knee pain (left) on my
500m warm up run, but as I ran for 200m more 

it goes away.

Day 2 Week 1 of 10K Plan

Day 2 Week 1 of 10K Plan
Sept. 22, 2012

Today is my 2nd Day of my 10K Training Schedule.

The 10K Marathon Race will be on November 23, 2012

1st Day is Rest Day
2nd Day is 4x400 Interval Workout

But this morning I just ran 3K Easy Run.

Distance:    3K Easy Run
Time:          18:00:00
Location:     Running Area
                    Muhaisnah 4,Dubai

Weight:        71 Kg.
Shoes:         Adizero f50 2

Wearing my new heel bandage protector (7dhs)
on my left foot.

Hip pain after run.
Food Journal:

1 pc. Banana - 1 dh.
1 cup Green Tea - 0.50 dh
2 bot. Water - 1.50 dhs
3 pcs. Digestive Biscuit - 0.75 dhs

3 slices Whole Meal Bread - 1.50 dhs
250 gms grilled chicken - 2.50 dhs
1 small strawberry Yougurt - 1.00 dh

Mix Fruits - 10 dhs
2 bot. Water - 1.50 dhs

Thursday, September 20, 2012



Dubai Autodrome, Motorcity Dubai, UAE
19 Sept.2012

Since I was exercising for almost 3 months now for my health and I want to measure my power in running...I decided to train and join a race.
Me and Bea (my daughter) during our 1st day of Exercise at Zabeel Park, July  2012


82 kg. - weight 3 months ago
72 kg. - weight before marathon
My plan is to run 3.5K (fun run) on January 2012 at Dubai Marathon. I researched a running plan that will fit for my age and started immediately last month.

During my first week my friend told me to join a 5K Marathon...and without any thinking I sign &
join the event. But on my 1st week of my training, I suffered from Achilles Tendonitis...Because of my weight. I can't run and walk.

I must follow my diet plan seriously and run every other day,
but still...I am worried if I can join a race...

Diet, run, diet, run, diet & run...
this is my new brain food everyday.
The big day is tonight.
I pack my running dress & shoes early morning.

At Lunch break I went to venue to see which road
I will take and parking space.

5:30 I left my office and reach the venue early.

My Bib no: 262

FRU (Filipino Runners UAE) Friends are there to participate and give us support.


This is it!

At exactly 8:00 pm around 350 runners started to run and we are the last pack slowly inching
to finish every meter to finish line.

The race course is...
Flat for almost 1K, Down Hill for 500m, 200m flat and a Up Hill for almost 400m
and flat again to complete 1 lap.

I manage to run with fellow FRU runner Jx Ortiz Nonog before Up Hill part...Slowly
by .30m per stride I finished the hill zone, I feel exhausted upon reaching starting point
for my lap 2. Thanks to Jx for water. (she kept 1 bo. for me during run).

At my last lap...reaching hilly part is sacrifice, I just brisk walk to finish that zone and
start to run again...

At 400 m. left "try to sprint until the end to have strong finish"Jx told me. I just run as fast as
I can to finish my first 5K Race.

I clocked 40:48:00, 3rd place to the last runner. A Proud Finisher of 5K run.



 I enjoy the race, memorable and something that I can be proud of. train hard for my next race!
"10K Marathon on November 2012"

Monday, September 17, 2012

SHOES...ginoo! (Part 1)

(Posted on my Running Journal at Facebook Notes at - 07 Sept. 2012)

Baguhan lang akong tumatakbo...
I mean..RUNNING. and all the while,
akala ko...pag nag run ka at pawisan
ka e oks na....puchaaat...! nagsasakitan
na ang mga piyesa ng katawan ko...
Walastik naman...akala ko gaganda ang pakiramdam ko...

"e sukat ba namang tumakbo ka ng ketagal tagal at kehaba haba...
sa edad mong yan... magkakaputol putol ka nga"...ito ang sabi ng misis ko.

Ayon sa running journal of today...
81 kilometers na ang natakbo ko for 2.5 months,
and this time...I feel pains and aches from feet to hips.

[ Latest Running Journal as of 12 Jan 2013. Total Distance Run - 355 Kms for 6 months ]

Thru my research, I found out na... the more you're
using your feet for running & walking it affects
other parts of your body specially your joints...kaka strike ng paa mo sa semento o sa lupa...kinakalog o nagba-vibrate ang buong katawan mo...

 "bakit ako nagja-jogging walang sumasakit sa katawan ko?"
sabi ng isang kaibigan...

 "puchaat pre...tuwing weekend ka lang naman nagjo-jog e...
threadmill pa...subukan mo kayang mag run ng 3.5K
every other day...!"

 Akala ko nung una ay normal back & hips pain lang....kasi after
sometime...nawawala na ang sakit.Akala ko normal lang din yung
pagsakit ng talampakan ko at sakong...dahil pala ito sa SAPATOS!

Kakabili ko lang ng running shoes last month.Adidas Adizero...
I bought this kasi maganda, magaan, makulay at bagay sa
running outfit ko at sale kasi siya. Without any research
and inquiry...binili ko siya.

This morning I found out thru my Doctor friend Meliton
that I have a foot strike type SUPINATION! What a word...
first time to here that nation...hehehe (joke).

Anyways, ang SUPINATION(over pronation),PRONATION AT NORMAL
ay uri ng istraktura ng ating paa...simula sa tuhod pababa hanggang
sa talampakan.Masasabi mong kung anong uri ang paa mo
sa pagtingin ng mga gasgas at upod ng paglalakad sa luma mong
sapatos.Gaya ng...

Kung ikaw ay PRONATION...ang gasgas at upod ng iyong sapatos
ay papunta sa loob ng swelas.

Kung ikaw ay SUPINATION (over pronation)...ang gasgas at upod ng 
iyong sapatos ay papunta sa labas ng swelas.

Kung ikaw ay NORMAL...ang gasgas at upod ng iyong sapatos
ay pantay na pantay.
Kaya pala 1 week ago...I suffered from Achilles tendonitis...kasi
po ang shoes ko ay pang ang foot structure ko
ay supination... and to correct this... I have to buy insole
for my shoes. I hope this will help me to lessen my aches & make my run fun & injury free.

makakatulong sayo ito:


Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is it! This is for real!

My first Marathon Race.

After receiving this email confirmation...
I look back 3 months ago, when I
started to exercise for my health
condition and wishing someday I have
courage to run a race...and my plan is
to run 3K. For me 3K is a bit difficult
(but this is the shortest marathon race
or perhaps a fun run only) because
that time I cannot run for 10 meters
distance...instead I'll just walk.

But...within 2 days, I will be running
for 5K. Thanks to my friends Budo (FRU),
Meliton (my friend doctor), my wife Annie
and the rest of FRU-Filipino Runners UAE
for inspiring me.

1st RUN SHOOT360 RUN Images

Title:                RUNNING AREA
Location:         Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, UAE
Date:               25 August 2012
Distance:         2.5K ( 2 loops run)
Training for:     Day 18 Week 2 for 5K Marathon (Easy Run)

On my schedule I have to run easy today.
I'm excited 'coz I can try my waist bag and
hoping to complete my 360° Image (at least
1 set).

I'm a bit uncomfortable when I ran, I fixed my
waist bag at my back and run but after few meters,
I need to rotate my bag, fix my earphone wire
adjust my mobile phone and relocate my pedometer
(seems like I went to toilet & fixing my dress...wattarun!)

But after 1 lap I found the right position of my
my waist bag and all my stuff around my body.
I can now run smoothly.

I stopped at 2.5K from my origin. I'm bit shaky,
grasping my breath, breathing deeply...after a
few sec.I start to grab my camera...but I can feel
my sweat rolling on my arms thru my cam and when I start
to meter the light...ohhh wtf! I can't read my settings...
I need my glasses!

And I stopped for a while thinking..."why I'm doing this
at night?...I can run early morning , so I can read my
settings, capture the sunrise & beautiful clouds...
anyways, I will do it sometime!

I made several sets of exposures and run again.

Below is my first run shoot360 run images on
360°Interactive Image.

Just hoover your mouse inside the image.
RUNNING AREA at Muhaisnah 4 Dubai in Dubai

NEW MOSQUE at Muhaisnah 4 Dubai in Dubai

RUN for Countrymen 2012 MEDICAL MISSION

14 September 2012
Philippine Consulate & Labor Office
Dubai, UAE

I was excited to meet them again...
The Filipino Runners UAE (FRU).
I took a group photo of them for
last year Dubai Marathon 2011... and
yesterday one of group scheduled
community service is to assist PHPA
Philippine Health Practitioners Association
for Medical Mission for our kababayans.

So inspiring seeing them physically fit
(i mean thin with muscles), I hope I can
have same body someday.

Tips on running and diet shared by fellow
runners budo, euca, richard and allen.

It's good to be on the group guiding & boost
your morale. Mabuhay FRU!

Medical Mission 2012


Thursday, September 13, 2012


14 September 2012
Day 36 Week 6 of 5K Training Plan

Wake up at 5:30 am.
Gear up.
Run at 6:10am.

I stopped at 1.6K from my origin to take VR Image at Damascus cor Halab Sts.


at 2.6K from my origin I took Beirut cor Halab Sts. at Muhaisnah 4 - crossroads.


I finished my 3.5K at 6:50am.


When I came to RUN-SHOOT360-RUN idea...
Question is...How can I do that?

What to bring?
What Lens I will use?
Do I have to bring my tripod?
Ahhh yes... Mono pad maybe?
Pro or Semi Pro DSLR?
maybe Point & Shoot Cam?

How can I bring all of this?
Do I need to bring all?
Which bag i will use?
Backpack or Waist Bag?
Where to find this special bag?

Do I'll be competitive if I have
all of this hanging around my body?

For a week... I keep on thinking &
experimenting all my gears.


I will use WAIST BAG.
After searching on net & camera
stores... I found the perfect
bag for me.

Semi-Pro DSLR Camera
Fish eye Lens


I ran 8K last week with my gears
inside waist bag...I ran smoothly.
No pains on my legs & hips.

" Combining this two activity (running &
Photography) gives me high feeling...
I hope I can inspire photographers
to fit themselves by running &

360°RUNNING PORTRAIT at Mercato Mall - Dubai in Dubai


Combining my hobby and sports is not
something unusual. I was inspired by
Ken ( & Ella Perez
( - the running

"The Only difference between us is the
way I took photo - I shoot it on 360°
Multiple shots, on this way the viewer
can view and feel my running route
on 360°view Interactively".

360°RUNNING PORTRAIT at Mercato Mall - Dubai in Dubai


I am newbie in running (I mean RUNNING).
I remember when I was on late 20's, I am
running 6.3K almost every other day and
at 41 yrs old (but this time I am overweight)
I try to run again and suddenly stopped.

I have a sedentary work as an Architect,
the only exercise I have is when I go for
Outdoor Photo shoot (I am hobbyist VR Photog)
but this is only twice every month.

3 Months ago...
I am suffering from Rheumatism, my feet are
swollen and I cannot walk. I am not person
when getting sick immediately i will rush to
the doctor...but this time I told my wife
to bring me to her Doctor.

After explaining horrible things will happen
to me if I will not start dieting and exercising,
after explaining the result of my laboratory test
on which I got high marks ( high cholesterol,
high uric acid, over weight...etc, etc..)and
after saying that I will be A.D. (Automatic
Dead) if heart attack happens.I decided to
RUN & to DIET.

I am running for almost 3 months now (September 2012)
on almost 4 times a week.I hope I can until age of

RUNNING in Circles

Most of the time, when we run...
you will go back wherever you started.

You start at your door step and after
30 minutes of running, you will end up to your door step.

When the Bang was heard...runners will run and
come back again to finish the race.

"We are running in circles...starts here and ends here..."

RUN SHOOT RUN - combining my hobby & sports

This blog is all about my running experiences and to show you
the beauty of my running world in 360° Interactive Images.
I will run, shoot 360° and run again.