Saturday, September 15, 2012

1st RUN SHOOT360 RUN Images

Title:                RUNNING AREA
Location:         Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, UAE
Date:               25 August 2012
Distance:         2.5K ( 2 loops run)
Training for:     Day 18 Week 2 for 5K Marathon (Easy Run)

On my schedule I have to run easy today.
I'm excited 'coz I can try my waist bag and
hoping to complete my 360° Image (at least
1 set).

I'm a bit uncomfortable when I ran, I fixed my
waist bag at my back and run but after few meters,
I need to rotate my bag, fix my earphone wire
adjust my mobile phone and relocate my pedometer
(seems like I went to toilet & fixing my dress...wattarun!)

But after 1 lap I found the right position of my
my waist bag and all my stuff around my body.
I can now run smoothly.

I stopped at 2.5K from my origin. I'm bit shaky,
grasping my breath, breathing deeply...after a
few sec.I start to grab my camera...but I can feel
my sweat rolling on my arms thru my cam and when I start
to meter the light...ohhh wtf! I can't read my settings...
I need my glasses!

And I stopped for a while thinking..."why I'm doing this
at night?...I can run early morning , so I can read my
settings, capture the sunrise & beautiful clouds...
anyways, I will do it sometime!

I made several sets of exposures and run again.

Below is my first run shoot360 run images on
360°Interactive Image.

Just hoover your mouse inside the image.
RUNNING AREA at Muhaisnah 4 Dubai in Dubai

NEW MOSQUE at Muhaisnah 4 Dubai in Dubai

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