Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RUNNING for real...or just my fantasy?

With 1 day rest for my training...
really I miss running, but this is
the what they say
I have to follow the schedule.

Sometimes....after reading running
magazine I always imagine myself
finishing full marathon, running
on desert, competing ultra marathon
race....then suddenly I will come
back to my real world that...all I
need is to run and to keep fit...
to add life to my days or add days
to my life.

You know...I am worried that...until
what age I will run,maybe tomorrow
I will stop and go back to my old
lifestyle (eating,sleeping and eating).

I always play dirty tricks to myself...
since I ran this distance today...
then I keep on telling myself that
I can run fast next time, I can go
more distance, I can join more marathons
next year. I'm on my mid 40's now and I just
started to keep fit, to run...
and in reality I feel body pains after
run, almost every after my run sacrifices begins.

But on the other side of this
imagination & sacrifices...few things are
for real is... I lost weight, no hypertension,
lowered my uric acid & cholesterol level,
I can wear my old shirts....the fact is
2.5 months ago my weight is 82.1 Kls,
today I weigh 70 kls.

In a couple of hours... I will run
7 Shk. Zayed Road, Dubai as
my training schedule.

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