Thursday, May 29, 2014

Done 46K ULTRA Run

Tonight's Run is very historic in Dubai Running Community...
It is the first time to have an Ultra Running Event at night
until morning time. This is also an FRU 1st Annual Ulta Run 2014.

A total of 38 Strong FRU Runners gathered at Satwa Roundabout
around 9:00pm 29 May 2014. Group shot, Prayer & short briefing
to our Supporter on mobile before we stride towards Dubai drydocks area.

Our first 2kms towards 1st stop are fast (fresh legs), next stop is 4km
away...and most of us are grouped as per pace speed. My daughter Bea is my
pacer until 17Km.

more stories soon...

_________________ oo0oo__________________

"To GOD be the GLORY, for all the things HE has done"

I offer my run to my brother & best friend Ka Lando R. Hernandez
which passed away and enters our Lord's Kingdom. And also to
my high school batchmates who joins Lando with our Lord God.

"Roland Rosillas Hernandez, janet de jesus, belinda gimeno,
hermogenes diaz, lorena mendoza, rodelio cruz, reynaldo delos reyes,
pedro gojo cruz and fernando gojo cruz"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

More than 46K..!

Thank GOD for all the mornings you've given me.
Today is my best day. I'm 46 now.

" To my Wife, my Kids, FRU, Tamberkz and friends...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving your time
& effort to make my 
46th Birthday great & meaningful. GOD Bless us all. "

 ____________ o ______________

For the last 10 years working abroad, I kept my birthday a secret...only close friends
and of course my family knows my special day. And since, I have my Running & Photography
group now...and I consider them as my family, I publicly announced my birth date
last 2 weeks ago.

Last night...I experienced my greatest & fantastic Birthday Party of my life courtesy of my
loving wife Annie, my 3 teen agers, FRU, Tamberkz and friends. It is more than 46K run!
wooot, wooott!

more stories soon.


Done 15K..!
Tired, Depressed but still determined!

I was trying to do a SANDWHICH Run (REST-Long Run-Long Run-REST) on my training
But last night was frustration... I cannot run further, my mind dictating that I can
But my body cannot respond anymore... (Depressed..) And I think... I cannot eat my sandwich anymore!

One thing that frustrates me is I'm running alone in the middle of a dark road at
Muhaisnah 1, when my smart phone battery drains... (omg). And the only sounds
surrounds me are chirping of birds and crickets.

Do I need to do the 46K Run?
What will be the reason?
Maybe I am not for Long Run...short distance is enough for me... (sadness)...
All of these thoughts are running into my mind, when I am on my last 1km stop.

But, upon reaching my starting point and got my strength back...
Suddenly my inner self shouting...
"46K is only a number, you're a Runner...just run and have fun".

See you on Thursday for ULTRA Run...!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My 2nd 21K RUN

Friday is a group Looong Run.

Since I need more distance training for my Ultra Run, I decided to run from my place to zabeel park
which is 17Km Distance Run.

I started to run at around 3:50 am (Muhaisnah 1) and finished my 21K (Gate 3,Zabeel Park) at 6:35 am.

Done my 2nd Half Marathon.
Click this link for my 1st Half marathon


It was a spontaneous decision to run an ultra, when my running group doesn't buy my run camping + photography event. Instead of running to the mountains I decided & dared my group to run an ultra
This coming 29-30 May... Which they agree.

Why 46K? The reason is Iam turning 46 years old this coming 26 May... Yes, it's a Birthday Run.
Anyways... gtg for training.

46K Running Route

Mosque Hunting at Muhaisnah 1 & Mizhar Area

Done 10K.

RUNmadan preparation...Mosque Hunting at Muhaisnah 1 & Mizhar Area.
Pucchat...inabot na ako ng gabi.

I LOVE Tuesday FRU Run 20 May 2014

Done 5K!

I thought...last Tuesday is our last Tuesday Run...
But tonight we are 30 FRU Runners who's still love Tuesday Run,
who's still love Gate 3, Zabeel Park.

Mabuhay *FRU Runners..!


The FILIPINO ATHLETE Sporting Together (FAST)

This is the 1st Running Training Day of FAST - The Filipino Athlete Sporting Together
Gate 1, Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE.

FAST was consist of different sports group here in Dubai...some of the groups are
FRU (Filipino Runners, United), FiT (Filipino International Tri-Athletes, Dragon Warriors,
A-Team and FRBE.

With me are my FRU Runners + my colleagues Mel & Michelle, who will run & join
1st training day.

I supposed to run at least 10K today, and since we are day 1 of training...we are some kinda
orientation thing...getting to know each other thing and of course picture,

I just finished 5K today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 2 PreRUNmadan 2014 Oud Metha Area

Day 2 at Oud Metha Area

Today is FRU Tuesday Training also.
So better to start again at Zabeel Park Gate 3.
With me are 6 FRU Runners.

Starting Point Zabeel Gate 3 with 6 FRU Runners


Oud Metha Area approx. 6-7 km, Distance Run

1st Stop - Al Karama Fish Market Mosque

Same route as day 1 for almost 1km.  and then we crossed pedestrian bridge
for Oud Metha Area.

Foot Bridge Crossing Karama to Oud Metha Area

2nd Stop Oud Metha Islamic Center

Al Nasr Leisure Land

Egyptian Club

Oud Metha Mosque

Rashid Complex Mosque

Pakistan Mosque

DM Laboratory Mosque at Karama

FRU at Karama Shopping Area

We just finished a 9.00 Km. Run at Zabeel Park Gate 3.