Sunday, May 25, 2014


Done 15K..!
Tired, Depressed but still determined!

I was trying to do a SANDWHICH Run (REST-Long Run-Long Run-REST) on my training
But last night was frustration... I cannot run further, my mind dictating that I can
But my body cannot respond anymore... (Depressed..) And I think... I cannot eat my sandwich anymore!

One thing that frustrates me is I'm running alone in the middle of a dark road at
Muhaisnah 1, when my smart phone battery drains... (omg). And the only sounds
surrounds me are chirping of birds and crickets.

Do I need to do the 46K Run?
What will be the reason?
Maybe I am not for Long Run...short distance is enough for me... (sadness)...
All of these thoughts are running into my mind, when I am on my last 1km stop.

But, upon reaching my starting point and got my strength back...
Suddenly my inner self shouting...
"46K is only a number, you're a Runner...just run and have fun".

See you on Thursday for ULTRA Run...!

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