Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 1 PreRUNmadan 2014 AL Karama Area

I started to run at Gate 1, Zabeel Park where I met Ronald and Paul of FiT and
Elegado & co. of FRU. Purposely start to ran  on that side for tonight's meeting.

I start to run here at FRU's Crib - Gate 3 Zabeel Park

From Gate 1 to 3 is almost 750 meters. Pour my 1.5 liters bottle and start to run.
Climbing at bridge overpass to reach my 1st stop.

Unlike last year...
few people walking on the street, but today....even kids still playing on the street,
because maybe the weather is still good.

1st MOSQUE VISIT: KARAMA Fish Market Mosque

1st Stop - Karama Fish Market Mosque

Karama Fish Market

Karama Fish Market with Indian Fish Vendor

Stall inside Karama Fish Market 

2nd MOSQUE VISIT: DM Laboratory Mosque

DM Laboratory Mosque

3rd MOSQUE VISIT: Ahmad Moosa Mosque

Ahmad Moosa Mosque

4th MOSQUE VISIT: Karama Grand Mosque

Karama Grand Mosque

When I reached on 5th Mosque...
the Mosque is gone..! 
The mosque is under renovation.

This is the best thing in the pre - run...you will know what is the problem
ahead of time and you can solve or re-route it before the actual run.

5th MOSQUE VISIT: Al Rahma Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque (under Renovation)

From this point. I went straight back to Zabeel Park Gate 1 and  

finished my 8K run at 55 minutes.

Finished my meeting with different sports group in Dubai at
around 8:45 pm.

GOOD & POSITIVE Vibes for all Filipino Athletes
not only in Middle East...but also worldwide.
With me are groups from FRU + FiT + FRBE and other
Filipino Sports group in Dubai.


Next Run  Oud Metha Route

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