Sunday, May 25, 2014

More than 46K..!

Thank GOD for all the mornings you've given me.
Today is my best day. I'm 46 now.

" To my Wife, my Kids, FRU, Tamberkz and friends...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving your time
& effort to make my 
46th Birthday great & meaningful. GOD Bless us all. "

 ____________ o ______________

For the last 10 years working abroad, I kept my birthday a secret...only close friends
and of course my family knows my special day. And since, I have my Running & Photography
group now...and I consider them as my family, I publicly announced my birth date
last 2 weeks ago.

Last night...I experienced my greatest & fantastic Birthday Party of my life courtesy of my
loving wife Annie, my 3 teen agers, FRU, Tamberkz and friends. It is more than 46K run!
wooot, wooott!

more stories soon.

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