Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 21 Training TRAIL Running at Shawka, RAK

After 3 days of rest due to my swollen feet.
At last...i'm out again for running...but this time a Trail Running
with FRU running group at Ras Al Khaimah,UAE.
With me is my family.

Week 3 Training Status

Distance Run this week = 10K only. So Poor.

Day 18 19 20 - REST


Sunday, March 16, 2014

36K in 3 Days...(Day 19,20,21 Training)

To follow or not to follow...? doubt, cheat....what to do?

Last week I have a balance of 9.35Km distance to run, meaning...
if I will follow my training plan and to get back on track...
I need to run 12Kms each day in 3 days..! WTF..!

Hmmm...need to plan this, maybe a route like this...

March 18 Tuesday - Zabeel & Karama Area ( 2 loops) = 12K
March 19 Wednesday - Nahda Area to Twar 3 = 12K
March 20 Thursday - M4 to Nahda = 12K

May the force be with me...!

Day 17 Training

Done 6K Run on a cold freezing morning with Free McDonalds Breakfast.

Preparing for TRAIL RUNNING

This coming Friday 21 March 2014...our running group FRU
are planning to run at Shawka Mountains at Ras Al Khaimah.

Shawkah is the name of a settlement in Ras al-Khaimah.

for update:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 11 Training - 6 km

With horses voice and still sick...I ran 6K and still on track
as per training schedule. wootwooott!!!

Done 6Km Run at Al Nahda,Al Qusais

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 9 Training - 5 Km

Today, I just want to show my peers that after 
a race yesterday...I can continue to follow my 
training plan. (hu-hu-hu sometimes I regret this...after run).

Even though, I am not feeling well (having horse voice
since last night, cold and slight fever), I prepare my
running stuffs and convince my self that I can do it.

At 7pm I reached Annie's work place parking area.
715 pm I started to walk for 1km towards Muhaisnah 1
residential area. Along the way...sudden stop and go back
to ask Bengali Security Man (always seeing him on this route)
to take my snaps...and he likes it...(to be a photographer).

I feel pain on my left foot ankle when I reached 2.50Km,
I'm trying to ignore it comes back after few meters
(maybe 'coz of my new shoes...? salomon)

At last I just finished my 5K run walk run method after
less than one hour.

My Dinner:
Greek Salad
Grilled Chicken without skin


My running for the last 2 months are On and Off activity.

I just ran only Tuesdays and Fridays ( this is during group training)

So again....
Yes again... I decided to make my training plan for 42K, I hope this
time I can follow each day of training religiously.

Last week, I opted myself to post anything with regards to my training plan.
I like to finish first my 1st week of training as Warm Up before posting something.

Last week required Distance is 23 Kms. and I ran 18.65 kms. (not bad...!)

Day 8 Training - NBAD 21K & 32K Race as PACER/SUPPORT


Gusto nyo bang mag join sa NBAD? biglaang tanong ito ni Misis sa mga bata.
Isa isa silang sumagot na..."Oo ba, sure why not, register mo kami mommy?"
feeling excited...tumayo at napatakbo sa nanay nila...hahahaha.

NaghintaY lang ako ng Go signal kay Misis at biglang syang nagsabi na...
Rossano,i-register mo na sila...! 


Day 7 Training - 3.65km Morning Run 06 March 2014

Day 5 Training - 3K Run at FRU Tuesday Training 04 March 2014

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21 FEB 2014 FRU Friday Loong & Bday Run 21 Feb 2014

RAK Half Marathon 2014 as Pacer/Support 6K - 14 Feb 2014

FRU Friday Loong Run - 07 Feb 2014

FRU Tuesday Training Run 2K 04 Feb 2014

FRU Basic FIRST AID for Runners WORKSHOP 03 February 2014

Dubai Marathon 2014 24 Jan 2014

FRU Long Run 6K Training for Dubai Marathon / Agnes Bday RUN 17 Jan 2014

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