Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 9 Training - 5 Km

Today, I just want to show my peers that after 
a race yesterday...I can continue to follow my 
training plan. (hu-hu-hu sometimes I regret this...after run).

Even though, I am not feeling well (having horse voice
since last night, cold and slight fever), I prepare my
running stuffs and convince my self that I can do it.

At 7pm I reached Annie's work place parking area.
715 pm I started to walk for 1km towards Muhaisnah 1
residential area. Along the way...sudden stop and go back
to ask Bengali Security Man (always seeing him on this route)
to take my snaps...and he likes it...(to be a photographer).

I feel pain on my left foot ankle when I reached 2.50Km,
I'm trying to ignore it comes back after few meters
(maybe 'coz of my new shoes...? salomon)

At last I just finished my 5K run walk run method after
less than one hour.

My Dinner:
Greek Salad
Grilled Chicken without skin

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