Saturday, November 30, 2013

5 of Run365 "10K Treadmill Running 1"

This morning I slept around 2:30 am, definitely I cannot run
early... instead, a full-body work out at 830 am given by new
my coach Kiko (my son)....and running later.

Day 1 of my full-body workout

After my kids swimming training...I went straight to our gym
and finished my 10K treadmill run.

Done 10K Treadmill Running at our Building GYM Facility

Friday, November 29, 2013

4 of Run365 "Asics 4K & 8K Race -Series 2"

Done. 8.10 Km. today at ASICS 4K & 8K Race- Series 2
at Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, UAE.

FRU Running Group at Asics Race

8K Asics Medal

Day 4 Running Route
"Asics 4K & 8K Race -Series 2"

My Running Family
FRU Filipino Runners UAE

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 of Run365 "Dubai Expo 2020"

Done. 7Km Run at Muhaisnah 4, Al Qusais Dubai.

Congratulations Dubai, UAE for winning a bid for World Expo 2020.
Still there is a hangover of last nights announcement & celebrations
for Expo 2020. It's Dubai,UAE.

Wondering...7 years from now...if Im still alive & running, or still I'm
here in Dubai. Anyways that was all the things roaming around my
brain when running.

Important is...I finished my day 3 of run 365....7.10km.

cold but still sunshine bothers me...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2 of Run365 "Should I go?"

Day 2 is kind of tempting not to continue.
My alarm rung at 530am, but still I don't
want to stand up.

After continuous alarming for 1 hour,
finally...started to run at 635am and completed
my 2nd day of 365 days of running. 363 days to go.

Warming up...

During my run

After 6.62km Run

Day 2 Running Route - Al Qusais

Done...6.62km easy run at Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE

1 of Run365 "Back to Basics"

I just started this morning on my classic basics...

     2 glasses of water
     10 PushUps, 50 SitUps
     White Oat meal for breakfast

After sending my wife to her workplace
and my daughter to her school, went straight
to Al Qusais Park for my run. I finished 5Km
slow run.

Day 1 Running Route

Running 5K in a slow pace at 11:00am

Al Qusais 3 Park

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We Ran ALAIN 01 Nov 2013

Updated: 03 Nov 2013
(still in writing...)

Last thing to pack up is my camera batteries.
I brought with me is my Nikon D300 for still shots
and Nikon D40x for 360 photos and of course
my backup...Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for
video and quick to send photos.

Around 425 am we reached  (Team FC) our meeting point AT
IKEA,DFC and after we met the other team (Team MS)....
Off to Alain at 450am.

A 360° View of Masjid Al Rubainah, inside the lush green of Alain Oasis.

Masjid AL RUBAINAH Mosque ALAIN OASIS in Middle East