Saturday, November 2, 2013

We Ran ALAIN 01 Nov 2013

Updated: 03 Nov 2013
(still in writing...)

Last thing to pack up is my camera batteries.
I brought with me is my Nikon D300 for still shots
and Nikon D40x for 360 photos and of course
my backup...Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for
video and quick to send photos.

Around 425 am we reached  (Team FC) our meeting point AT
IKEA,DFC and after we met the other team (Team MS)....
Off to Alain at 450am.

A 360° View of Masjid Al Rubainah, inside the lush green of Alain Oasis.

Masjid AL RUBAINAH Mosque ALAIN OASIS in Middle East

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