Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am newbie in running (I mean RUNNING).
I remember when I was on late 20's, I am
running 6.3K almost every other day and
at 41 yrs old (but this time I am overweight)
I try to run again and suddenly stopped.

I have a sedentary work as an Architect,
the only exercise I have is when I go for
Outdoor Photo shoot (I am hobbyist VR Photog)
but this is only twice every month.

3 Months ago...
I am suffering from Rheumatism, my feet are
swollen and I cannot walk. I am not person
when getting sick immediately i will rush to
the doctor...but this time I told my wife
to bring me to her Doctor.

After explaining horrible things will happen
to me if I will not start dieting and exercising,
after explaining the result of my laboratory test
on which I got high marks ( high cholesterol,
high uric acid, over weight...etc, etc..)and
after saying that I will be A.D. (Automatic
Dead) if heart attack happens.I decided to
RUN & to DIET.

I am running for almost 3 months now (September 2012)
on almost 4 times a week.I hope I can until age of

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