Sunday, January 6, 2013

RUN with me on F

Day 10 of 21K Plan
F - Figure 9K Run at Umm Suqqueim 3 &
Al Sufouh, Dubai, UAE.

Previously to run on F is difficult besides the weather is cold and
I left my winter running gear...the main reason is I don't have my
running map.

After my 2 is important to have a running map specially
tracing letter thru run on a dense city streets like Dubai.
Reviewing the location thru Google Earth is not must
drive onto the street to confirm the streets are existing.

Doing this preparation gives me excitement and thrill.
Which street to run...? Do I need to run across shopping mall...just to complete
my letter, all of this stuff is fun.

Just try to run your name.
I hope your name is shorter than mine.

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