Friday, June 28, 2013

RUNmadan Challenge

July 9, 2013 until Aug. 7, 2013


1. To inspire people to run.
2. To map mosque in Dubai.
3. Part of my 42K Training.


To challenge myself to run during Ramadan Summer Season,
40 days of running at least 3 km. everyday.

Start to run in front of a mosque to nearest mosque to next mosque
and come back to starting point or at least 3km. is completed.

During start, stop and end of my run, I will take stills & 360° VR photos of Mosque
and publish / share here on my blog, face book & twitter.

Sample of Run-madan Challenge:

Day 1 (July 9, 2013) 
Muhaisnah Map Route

Majid Saif Ahmed Lootha Mosque to
Majid Tamim Al Dhari Mosque

1 loop - approx. 5 Km Run

DAY 1 Route Map

360° VR Photo:

Saif Ahmed Lootah MOSQUE at Muhaisnah 4 Dubai in Dubai

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