Friday, July 5, 2013

Pre-run RUNmadan Challenge

Pre-run RUNmadan Challenge
05 July 2013 / 30°C - windy cool

This morning we ran at Rigga Area (Dubai, UAE) with
Shernan Mayoyo (an old friend...but he's not old).

Two reason why we ran today...
Since this area is one of long distance to run on my lists,
approx. 7.5kms. that's why I choose to calculate the
maximum time we will spend on runmadan event.
Secondly...we need to take a photo for press news release.

Together with my friend, we dare our self to be the running model.
I hope newspaper will accept our

During our photo shoot at Fatima Bint Abdul Jabar Shahi Mosque..
we saw a pinay kabayan named Pinky  rushing to do her exercise
at Muraqabat area and ask her to join us on our shoot.
Thank you very much Miss Pinky...'hope to see you on Day 1 of Runmadan.

This is me...Do I look good to be an sports endorser?
Photo by: Shernan Mayoyo

Me, Shernan & Pinky at Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai, UAE
Rigga Area running route - 7.80 kms. 7 Mosques.

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