Tuesday, October 29, 2013

60 in 7

Total Distance Run : 16.16 Kms.
Countdown: 5 Days
Latest Edition: 03 Nov. 2013


Updated: 03 Nov. 2013

4.00 Km. ALAIN Pre RUN 

I supposed to run 15K LSD but due to travel delays and
we are running out of time to finish the route...I decided to
run inside the Oasis - 4.00km. Read our stories here.

Running at the heart of ALAIN Oasis


Running away from busy streets...we are at Alain Oasis


31 Oct. 2013

6.00 Km. CHEAT RUN

One of my favorite running gym is here in Al Mizhar.
Done 6km. cheat run before my 60 in 70 schedule.

Al Mizhar Residential Area - 5 Stars for Running Route


30 Oct. 2013

6.00 Km. CHEAT RUN

Last night I run on our FRU weekly training at Zabeel Park. Thinking that I will cheat myself,
to run earlier and to add to my on my distance on my 60/7 expedition.

Each round is 2km loop, I did 2 rounds running alone...observing my body and rewiring my right brain
(he's complaining why I ran on this boring, repeating pavement park).I just ran an easy pace,
approx. 7-8 min/km pace which satisfies my body condition until I finished 2 rounds.

"Zabeel Park - repeating pavement" - right brain

Next round is a different story...I ran with my two running mate (Rommel & Erwin), knowing that they are ultra-marathoner, I just follow their easy pace around 6-7 min/km with a bit of chatting during run, which I remember chatting during running is good and strengthen your lungs.

Over all my last night run is Good Cheat Run.


29 October 2013

Last week I tried to finish 50 in 10 (50 kms in 10 days) but I failed. Stories here.
But it doesn't mean that I will give up! No,no,no,no,noooo.

This coming week I will try to finish 60 in 7
(60 kms in 7 days).I hope everything will be fine on my schedule and my body condition.

As of this writing I can feel my body temperature is so warm. I hope I will be fine after my run tonight.

Nov.1 to 7 Running Schedule:
Nov.  1 -   15 km. - Pre-run for Runmadan Challenge 2014 at Alain,AbuDhabi, UAE
Nov.  2 -   4km. -  Oud Metha
Nov.  3 -   5km. -  Muhaisnah 4
Nov.  4 -  15km -  Birthday Run
Nov.  5 -  13km. - Nahda
Nov.  6 -   8km. - Mizhar
Nov.  7 -   Rest ( I hope)


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