Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 13 Week 2 of 10K Plan" Run Down Town Dubai "

Day 13 Week 2 of 10K Plan
October 3, 2012

4.10K Run at Down Town Dubai
Burj Khalifa Area

Time: 36 minutes
Run Jog Run - no stopping!


Whenever I pass Down Town Dubai
in Burj Khalifa Area...I always
peep on my cars window...scanning
the area where can I run.

Last night... I ran Down Town Dubai,
but sad thing is without my camera.

I plan to run and concentrate on
my stamina...and to time my run
without stopping.

I started inside Dubai Mall grand
parking area...I started running at
5K pace...the weather is fine,
tourists walking with their camera
busy taking Burj Khalifa's photo.
I saw few runners...they are running
faster than me, walk bridge form metro
to dubai mall are still on going

When I reach Dubai Mall area (approx 3K)
a flock of people from inside crossing
the road which cause of traffic jam.

I finished 4.10K run at 36 minutes,
without stopping....Huuuraaay!

Image below is a 360° VR Image of
Burj Khalifa which I took 2 years ago.


The Burj Al Khalifa at Night in Dubai

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